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Complete Contract Manufacturing Solutions
Design through Finished Products

30 Years Experience in All Aspects of Machining and Tool & Die

Top Innovativeness Among Weldment Fabrication Companies

Great Attention to Detail
Cleaning and deburring items better to remove sharp edges and removal of spatter from welded components

Customer Focus

On-Time Delivery - Always

ISO Registration (Mid Summer 2009)

Constant Commitment to Ensure the Best Fabricated Products

Registered Military Supplier

We Can Manufacture Precision Weldments With These Materials:

Light & Heavy Gauge Steel

Galvanized Steel

Stainless Steel

Sheet Metal








Riviera Industries - Your One Stop Shop for Weldments with CAD Design

Not Just a Machining and Fabrication Company or Welding Services -
Integrating Multiple Manufacturing Process and Discipline Blending

Weldments - Custom, Steel, Aluminum, Large, Small

Riviera Industries is a custom manufacturer of weldments from prototypes to low-volume production. We're a trusted, reliable supplier offering complete manufacturing solutions and project management to a wide variety of industries over the years. Welding is the main focus of our steel fabrication services with our skilled, certified welders the backbone of our operations. Our weldments are used as motor/engine components, structural components, mechanical assemblies, appliance parts, brackets, industrial parts, furniture, hardware, safety components, and for a myriad of other applications. More features and benefits of partnering with Riviera Industries can be found in the right column.

Riviera blends multiple manufacturing disciplines and processes to produce the exact part that you require. We have all of these disciplines performed in-house for manufacturing any type of weldment you can imagine from machining, tooling, fabrication, and welding services to CAD design services and a variety of secondary operations. Everything we do for our customers is with a focus on details and cost effectiveness - always.


Fabricated and Machined Weldments to Your Specs - Examples

Weldment Set-Up



Weldment Machining

Drilling Operation

Boring Operation

Face Milling Operation

Side Milling Operation

Arm Machining

Turnbuckle End

Turnbuckle End

Pivot Mount Female

Pivot Mount Male

Cross Member

Cross Member