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Complete Contract Manufacturing Solutions
Design through Finished Products

30 Years Experience in All Aspects of Machining and Tool & Die

Top Innovativeness Among Fabrication Companies

Great Attention to Detail
Cleaning and deburring items better to remove sharp edges and removal of spatter from welded components

Customer Focus

On-Time Delivery - Always

ISO Registration (Mid Summer 2009)

Constant Commitment to Ensure the Best Fabricated Products

Registered Military Supplier


Types of Metal Materials used in our Machining Services

Light & Heavy Gauge Steel

Galvanized Steel

Stainless Steel

Sheet Metal







Riviera Industries – Your One Stop Shop to Better Machining of Your Products

Not Just a Machining and Fabrication Company or Welding Services - Integrating Multiple Manufacturing Process and Discipline Blending

CNC Machining – Precision Machining – Contract Machining

Riviera Industries, one of the leading CNC Machine Shops in the Detroit, MI area, specializes in both manual and CNC machining practices used to produce a wide array of custom parts, ranging from the relatively simple to more complex precision parts and assemblies. All CNC machining jobs in our shop are monitored using traceable, calibrated inspection equipment and quality control techniques that make certain all features and part dimensions are to exact specifications.

Additionally, Riviera Industries will perform prototype machining as well as short and long run manufacturing operations complete with in-house fixture and gage design services. In today’s market, just-in-time inventory control is critical to cash flow control, and Riviera Industries’ expertise in short run, quick change production can become your cost savings advantage. Riviera Industries can also handle your custom part packing and delivery requirements. When you choose Riviera Industries for your precision contract machining needs, you can rest assured that our CNC machining focus is always to your needs and wants, a mindset that’s ingrained in all of our employees from management to the shop floor.

  • 3-Axis Machining
  • CNC Turning Services
  • CNC Milling Services
  • CNC Drilling Services
  • Boring Services
  • Grinding Services
  • High Tolerance Machining
  • Prototype Services
  • Contract Machining

We have complete job shop capabilities with our metal fabrication, toolmaking, CAD design and welding services. We have the people, the machining equipment, and the process knowledge to accomplish any precision machining job. Furthermore, Riviera Industries will also manage your full project through our well-established supply chain for large turning and milling needs, if requested. Having Riviera in charge means there is no need to manage your project through several contract machining companies. In today’s competitive marketplace, no company can afford to work at less than peak efficiency. Having these integrated services to streamline the manufacturing process is where Riviera Industries can be of maximum value to you as a precision contract machining supplier. No machining job is too big or too small for our facility. Let us put our processes and CNC machining experience to work for you.

Secondary Operations Include:

Finishing - Plating - Painting - Anodizing - Powder Coating

Machining for a Variety of Industries:

  • Agriculture
  • Heavy Industry
  • Automotive Assembly
  • Military
  • Scientific Research Equipment
  • Electronic
  • Food Processing
  • Transportation
  • Marine, Oceanographic
  • Material Handling
  • Service and Repair Companies
  • Engineering and Construction Companies
  • Environmental Facilities

CNC Machining – Parts Samples