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Complete Contract Manufacturing Solutions
Design through Finished Products

30 Years Experience in All Aspects of Machining and Tool & Die

Top Innovativeness Among Fabrication Companies

Great Attention to Detail
Cleaning and deburring items better to remove sharp edges and removal of spatter from welded components

Customer Focus

On-Time Delivery - Always

ISO Registration (Mid Summer 2009)

Constant Commitment to Ensure the Best Fabricated Products

Registered Military Supplier

Types of Materials used in our Welding Services and Fabricating Services

Light & Heavy Gauge Steel

Galvanized Steel

Stainless Steel

Sheet Metal







Riviera Industries - Your One Stop Shop to Fabricating and Welding of Your Products

Not Just a Machining and Fabrication Company or Welding Services -
Integrating Multiple Manufacturing Process and Discipline Blending

Steel Fabrication - Welding Services - Custom Fabricators

Custom Metal Fabrication Capabilities

As one of the leading metal fabrication shops in the Detroit, Michigan area, Riviera Industries combines a steel fabrication specialty, versatile machining capabilities, and the AWS certified welding services that you might otherwise have to seek out in multiple metal fabrication companies into one custom aluminum and steel fabricating supplier.  Our custom fabrication system and welding services are focused to deliver versatile capabilities to any OEM or tiered supplier.  Our engineering experience in a variety of raw materials as well as cutting, burning, forming, and machining techniques - along with final assembly - are all utilized to transform your ideas into fabricated parts. By keeping these multiple aspects of the aluminum and steel fabricating process in-house, we can deliver very good turnarounds. View our metal part fabrication examples below. No job is too big, too complex, or too small to consider when it comes to meeting the needs of our customers. 

Welding Services & Capabilities

We have both the welding equipment and the welding expertise to offer custom fabrication services, custom welding services, and final assembly services for most alloys, ferrous and non-ferrous, in our own metal fabrication facility. Our welding services include AWS certified MIG welding, TIG welding, and ARC welding.  Our in-house technical support and depth of service is of primary importance to Riviera and our customers.

Secondary Operations Include:

Finishing - Plating - Painting - Anodizing - Powder Coating

Variety of Industries Serviced:

  • Agriculture
  • Heavy Industry
  • Automotive Assembly
  • Military
  • Scientific Research Equipment
  • Electronic
  • Food Processing
  • Transportation
  • Marine, Oceanographic
  • Material Handling
  • Service and Repair Companies
  • Engineering and Construction Companies
  • Environmental Facilities

Welding and Fabrication - Parts Samples

Pendul Solid Model

Forming Die

Formed Parts


Pendul Fabrication


Skid Lock Solid Model

Skid Lock

Side Milling Operation

Stanchion Solid Model



Towfish Assembly

Towfish Pocket


Pivot Mount Male

Pivot Mount Female



Cross Member

Cross Member

Boring Operation

Drilling Operation

Face Milling Operation


  • Machine Guards
  • Hoppers
  • Rails
  • Machine Wear Parts
  • Gages
  • Tool Crib Items
  • Workholding Equipment
  • Valves
  • Sheaves
  • Tanks - Steel, Aluminum
  • Plate Fabrication
  • Brackets
  • Frames
  • Enclosures
  • Trailers
  • Tooling and Fixtures
  • Small or Large Industrial Parts
  • Custom Parts of all Types