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Riviera Industries - Your One Stop Shop to Better Machined Products

Not Just a Machining and Fabrication Company or Welding Services -
Integrating Multiple Manufacturing Process and Discipline Blending

Toolmakers, Tool and Die Shop Plus – About Us

Riviera Industries was founded in 1990 to provide a source of collaborative engineering and tool making for application to customer specific manufactured goods and services. Our passion and diverse experience allows us to format our core expertise into machining and fabricating solutions for a variety of applications including industrial, scientific, military and automotive customers. From the start our organization was designed with diversity as a proponent of growth and learning so that we can continue to adapt our skills to the challenges of our ever growing customer base in the Detroit, Michigan area and across the country.

For our customers we can provide product engineering, design services and manufacturing operations geared toward making your components or your operation run more efficiently. Using CAD design and solid modeling we can prepare digital models and complete blue printing for your review. Using these models or customer prepared models we can directly translate this data into our manufacturing operations. Whether your needs are best suited through the design of weldments, castings or general machining, toolmaking, and fabricating from readily available stock we can work with your organization to help you achieve your goals.

Regardless, if you need prototype or production quantities, working finished assemblies, special equipment, test equipment or fixtures and tooling, we can design or manufacture these to your specifications and quantity requirements. Our distinction lies in our finished products superior appearance and detailed attention to manufacturing process and tolerance needs. Since Riviera Industries provides turnkey solutions, our firm has the capability of controlling all aspects of the design and manufacturing process cycle ensuring our customers receive the most cost effective functional goods, services and solutions to their needs.


Donald J. Riviera


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