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Complete Contract Manufacturing Solutions
Design through Finished Products

30 Years Experience in All Aspects of Machining and Tool & Die

Top Innovativeness Among Fabrication Companies

Great Attention to Detail
Cleaning and deburring items better to remove sharp edges and removal of spatter from welded components

Customer Focus

On-Time Delivery - Always

ISO Registration (Mid Summer 2009)

Constant Commitment to Ensure the Best Fabricated Products

Registered Military Supplier

Riviera Industries - Your One Stop Shop to Better Product Design

Not Just a Machining and Fabrication Company or Welding Services -
Integrating Multiple Manufacturing Process and Discipline Blending

CAD Designers - Product Design and Development Services - Ideas to Parts

Partnering in CAD Design and Manufacturing

Riviera Industries uses state of the art solid modeling software and techniques to produce digital models to customer parameters. Digital models can easily be blue printed and converted into manufacturing data. Solid modeling allows for 3D representation and assembly of components digitally, before manufacturing, thus validating the design prior to beginning the manufacturing process. Although solid models are complicated mathematical models possessing volume, mass and material properties, in most cases, they are easily and cost effectively created. Our experienced CAD designers will render robust and dynamic designs of your new product ideas in 3D formats, shortening the time to your actual machined prototype part or low-volume production of your part.

Benefits we provide through product development in solid modeling:

  • Faster product design times with less revisions
  • Digital prototype and concept analysis
  • Digital assembly and movement analysis
  • Models easily converted to blue prints and manufacturing data
  • Contract product design services can help you focus on your core business activities

Product Design and Reverse Engineering Services

Our product design and development services include both new idea creation and documentation of existing product design, where information is limited or non-existent, we consider reverse engineering. Lack of repair or service parts for manufacturing systems can keep you running at less than maximum efficiency. Parts you need, but are no longer available can be reverse engineered from existing part samples to keep your operation running. In many cases, reverse engineered products can be improved during the redesign process, if necessary. We're specialists in new product development and engineering, particularly for industrial parts. This is a new product design map that we follow:

Manufacturing Systems Improvement

Riviera Industries specializes in helping customers improve their manufacturing systems by using a collaborative approach to providing product ideas. Next, we begin designing the customer chosen improvements which leads to building the revised equipment intended to increase efficiency and reduce maintenance. Whether you need replacement items or assistance during change over our innovative ideas provide cost effective solutions for systems maintenance or adapting current manufacturing systems to new products.

Prototype and Manufacturing Services

Once our CAD designers have your final part or equipment models and drawings approved, Riviera Industries has all of the machining, tooling, fabrication, and welding capabilities to manufacture your parts or prototypes efficiently and cost effectively. The integration of solid modeling CAD design, manufacturing engineering and the manufacturing process under one roof is a Riviera feature that is distinct among job shops and advantageous for the customer who needs quality parts or prototypes produced.

Industries Served

  • Agriculture
  • Heavy Industry
  • Automotive Assembly
  • Aerospace, Military
  • Electronic
  • Food Processing
  • Transportation
  • Marine, Oceanographic
  • Material Handling
  • Service and Repair Companies
  • Engineering and Construction Companies
  • Environmental Facilities