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Riviera Industries - Better Engineered Fabricated and Machined Products

Not Just Precision Machining and Metal Fabrication, and not just Welding Services - Multiple Manufacturing Disciplines that are Cross Integrated into a Single Service Solution

World Class Precision Machining and Custom Tooling

Cost Effective, Short and Long Run Production, Prototyping, and Custom Tooling Services for Industrial, Automotive, Scientific, and Military Customers in Detroit, MI, and worldwide.

  • 30 Years Experience in All Aspects of Precision Machining and Tool and Die Making
  • Cost Effective Techniques Lead to Your Cost Savings
  • Automotive Assembly and Manufacturing Engineering Solutions Supplier
  • Registered Military Supplier

Our Hallmarks:

  • Constant Commitment to Continuous Improvement
  • Complete Contract Manufacturing Solutions - Design Through Finished Products
  • Highly Experienced in All Aspects of CNC Machining and Tool and Die, including Fixtures and Gages
  • Top Innovativeness Among Custom Tooling, Welding, CNC Machining, and Metal Fabrication Companies
  • Great Attention to Detail - Cleaning and Deburring Items Better to Remove Sharp Edges and Removal of Spatter from Welded Components
  • Customer Focused with On-Time Delivery - Always
  • ISO Registration - Projected (4th Quarter 2009)
  • Registered Military Supplier

Our Custom Services Include:

  • Custom Tool Making and Design Services
  • Manufacturing Special Equipment or Components
  • Remanufacturing, Rebuilding, or Modifying Industrial Machinery Equipment
  • Designing and Building Fixtures
  • CNC Machining, Boring, Milling, and Drilling
  • Turning and Threading
  • Welding Services - Steel, Aluminum, Titanium, and Stainless Alloys